Are Noise Limiters A Problem?
If we’re honest, noise limiters aren’t ideal but they’re becoming very common so we’ve learnt to deal with them. All we ask is that if your venue has one, you let us know in advance so we can adjust our drum setup accordingly.
What are the payment options?
We offer multiple payment options:

  • Standard (50% Deposit / Balance Due 28 Days Prior)
  • 4-Stage Payment Plan
  • Monthly Payment Plan

Payment plans are interest free with no credit check and are subject to a 1.8% setup charge.

How do timings work?

We’re with you for a total of six hours on site. As standard, our arrival time is 6.30pm and we’re then all yours until 12.30am. You can extend our time on site at an extra cost if you’d like to for a late finish or early arrival.

Where are you based?
We don’t have a base as such. We’re all professional musicians that tour constantly so literally live on the road. We’re available to book all over Europe and in Dubai
Are there multiple musicians and singers in your videos?

There certainly is. The Party Nuts are a collective of 36 professional musicians so no matter which musicians make up the band on any given show, you can be assured they’ll be of the highest possible standard and deliver an incredible show!

How many are in the band?

The Party Nuts are available as standard as a 4 piece band with the option to have a smaller 3 piece also.. If you’d like a quote for a 3 piece lineup, please let us know.

Do I get a contract?
All bookings are secured with a legally binding contract to be signed by both the band and the hirer (you). Please contact us if you’d like to see a sample contract.
Do we have to feed the band?
You’re not contractually required to feed the band but if you’re able to, that’d be really helpful and very much appreciated. Letting them join in with the evening guests’ food is absolutely fine. If you’re able to provide some bottled water, that’d be great too
Have you got Facebook?
Yes. Please visit www.facebook.com/thepartynuts

We don’t currently use Twitter or Instagram

Where can we see you play?
We do the odd public show, normally somewhere in Europe and occasionally at a festival event in the UK. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements regarding these. Sadly, we can’t invite you to other people’s weddings to check us out.